Technological progress is a driving force for change in almost every area of industry and business. Thanks to the development of new technologies and their application in medicine, the MedTech industry was born, where some of the hottest startups on the market operate.

Technologies in health care

MedTech is an extremely broad term, covering basically all the achievements of technology that can be used to save lives, prevent or treat various ailments. MedTech offers modern diagnostic equipment such as PET-CT hybrid scanners, bionic prosthetic limbs,
life support systems, telemedicine solutions and molecular diagnostic devices.

As well as simple products such as latex gloves, pregnancy tests and contact lenses. All these products combine one common application – improving the quality of treatment and diagnosis to improve patient care. As the MedTech shows, half a million different types of medical technologies and devices are available.

Biotech vs. MedTech

Assuming that biotechnology is successful and developing dynamically, the MedTech industry could lack enough superlatives. MedTech has a much lower entry threshold than biotechnology, so medical technologies are dominated by small companies, while biotechnology is dominated by large companies.

Entrepreneurs and constructors are among the most talented designers and creators of medical technologies. MedTech startups change the market significantly and mark their presence abroad.

Global and local successes

Medicalgorythmics is a crown example of the success of a company that has been successful on a global scale. It is a company that has developed an innovative diagnostic system used in cardiology. A heart rate recording device, which sends data to an external server, where they are analyzed using advanced algorithms.

It was the proprietary algorithms for processing and analyzing the obtained signal that were the greatest advantage of Medicalgorythmics over the competitors. Success, allowed the company to reach the value of over a billion.

One of the best known company in the MedTech industry is a manufacturer of an innovative device for home breast examination. They may complement traditional ultrasound examination or mammography. Another is that manufactures diagnostic equipment telemedical Pregnabit device, designed for remote KTG examination and monitoring of pregnant women.

Breathe in and out

It is definitely worth noting the progress made by the creator of the StethoMe device – an electronic stethoscope integrated with the thermometer. StethoMe can work with a smartphone and, with the help of artificial intelligence, recognize the characteristic sounds that accompany the development of various respiratory diseases.

The device can be used to monitor chronic diseases such as asthma and COPD. Another solution for monitoring, diagnosing and treating respiratory diseases is AioCare. It is a portable spirometer coupled with an application, which allows to measure a number of respiratory parameters.

It is impossible to ignore the pace at which the MedTech industry is developing. Implementation of technological novelties in health care is of great importance already now. Thanks to telemedicine, medical appointments can be made remotely, and pocket-sized, integrated diagnostic devices can send data about our health condition to the doctor without interruption.

We can only keep our fingers crossed for the development of MedTech’s domestic business – who knows, maybe one day will become a tycoon in the field of medical technologies. You may read more of our posts at