Buyers Guide to Fridge Freezers

Whether you’re providing for two or twelve, desire discernment, or are looking for something that makes a statement, there’s a refrigerator freezer to match you

What to think about before you acquire:

How much area do you have?

One of the first things to think of is the area that it will take up in your cooking area. Durable American-style models meet the proverb that huge is attractive, but may not be suitable for a little space. On the other hand, incorporated devices assimilate well yet may provide fewer functions than freestanding versions.

Widths can vary from a conventional 60cm to upwards of 90cm for a large side-by-side model. You require to consider deepness, also, as although manufacturers are highlighting slim designs, many bigger home appliances are past conventional worktop deepness, as well as they might not also fit through your front door.

Take into consideration the capacity split between the fridge and also freezer

If you go shopping frequently, eat fresh fruit and vegetables and seldom use your fridge freezer area, opt for a larger fridge. But if you tend to do a great deal of batch food preparation, or like the convenience of frozen food, then the freezer will certainly take top priority. An overall capacity of 260 liters suffices for a lot of houses.

Think about the place

Ensure you have great airflow for any stand-alone device, or else the compressor will certainly burn the midnight oil, developing a build-up of frost. If you are buying a machine with an ice and also water dispenser, realize that it needs to be linked to a different supply of water. Maintain all this in mind, and also you’ll quickly be loosening up in style.

Secret Functions

Frost complimentary

A built-in heating unit quits condensation creating so no ice can accumulate. The latest ‘smart’ systems keep an eye on usage to access how many times the refrigerator or fridge freezer door is opened and just defrost when essential.

Double thermostats

Keep fridge and also fridge freezer at separate temperature levels – helpful if you wish to turn off an empty fridge when you disappear, however, leave the fridge freezer on.


Glass racks are a lot more sanitary as well as much easier to tidy than wire racks, and for best hygiene, fridges with anti-bacterial linings make use of silver to kill bacteria without hurting the food itself.

Transparent fridge freezer cabinets

Permit you to see what is stored without opening the drawer, enhancing energy performance.

Crisper areas

Stores fruit as well as veg at a maximum temperature level of between 2 and also 9ºC so they’ll remain fresh for longer.

Rapid freeze

Retains the benefits of fresh food by cold it really promptly.

Also temperature level

Hot air rises so foods in the fridge ought to be stored accordingly. An air movement system gets rid of guess job by circulating cold air around the tooth cavity, maintaining an even temperature throughout.

Four-star fridge freezer rating

The fridge freezer will certainly go down to -21 ° C and can keep food for as much as twelve months. Fresh food can just be iced up in a four-star-rated freezer.


Chlorofluorocarbons harm the ozone layer; hydrofluorocarbons can influence international warming.

Brilliant little bonus

A host of special attributes are readily available, such as ice as well as water dispensers, that is plumbed into the mains supply and filtered by Fridges with a drink door let you access milk and also drinks by means of a mini flap, while red wine fans will love fridges with fast-chill areas that take air from the fridge freezer to cool down a bottle in super-quick time.

Safe Disposal Of Refrigerator Freezers

Why do refrigerator freezers need risk-free disposal?

Refrigeration devices include ozone-depleting materials (ODSs) and also CFCs that are harmful to the atmosphere and also these have to be properly removed before the thing can be junked or recycled.